Leader VS 775E

  • 99 stitch operations, 8 one-step BH, 1 font
  • Horizontal rotary hook type
  • Back light LCD display
  • Start/Stop button, Speed control, Needle Up/Down position
  • Stitch width up to 7 mm
  • Auto needle threader
  • Wide extension table
2-years warranty period
A computerized sewing machine Leader VS775E is equipped with a wide extension table to widen the working space to work with big and bulky projects. You can find 99 stitch operations to sew quilts and appliques, to work with utility stitches as well as overcasting, satin, decorative and other ones and 8 one-step buttonholers in the machine. The model is well enough both for the beginners and advanced users. It’s possible to sew not only with a help of a foot controller but with a Start/Stop button as well. A sewing speed control enables beginners to enjoy sewing. To thread the machine, it’s easy and convenient to use a needle threader. One more advantage is a Twin needle function. Just to put one more spool and insert a twin needle. So, you’re ready to make very attractive twin needle stitches.


99 stitches Utility, Satin, Decorative
1 Font English
Auto BH 8 types
Adjustable Stitch Length Up to 4,5 mm
Adjustable Stitch Width Up to 7 mm
Hook Type Horizontal
Presser Foot Height Up to 9 mm
Feed dog 6 segments
Sewing Buttons
Auto Needle Threader
Thread Cutter
LCD display with settings
Bright LED light
Needle Up/Down position button
Sewing Speed Control
Stitch Length Adjustment Button
Width Adjustment Button
Operation buttons
Thread Tension Control
Start/Stop button
Strong needle penetration
Snap-on type Presser Foot
Free Arm
Accessories Storage
Auxiliary Extension Table
Machine power 70W
Country of Origin Taiwan
G.W. 7.2 kg
N.W. 5.7 kg



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A wide range of decorative, satin, quilting and applique stitches in Leader VS775E
Nice and very accurate overcasting stitches are being sewn with the help of an overcasting presser foot.
Besides decorative stitches you’ll find letters of the English alphabet in the machine. It’s possible to sew monograms or initials on kids’ garments.
With BH presser foot you’ll be able to make 8 different types of perfect buttonholers automatically including an eyelet.
There’s no difficulty to sew buttons on your projects with a Darning plate and a Buttons presser foot.
Put an additional spool pin to sew with a Twin needle. It’s included into the accessories kit.
There’s an auto needle threader to thread the machine easily.
We recommend to use a Sewing speed control for the beginners. Move the slider towards a torture. Start sewing with the help of a Start/Stop button, without a foot controller. Besides a Start/Stop button there’s a wide range of other features and functions. There’s an auto lock stitch button, a reverse button, a Up/Down needle position button, Patterns selection buttons and Stitch Length or Width Adjustment Buttons.
A wide extension table will allow you to work with big and bulky projects in quilting and patchwork styles.
There’s a nice assortiment of the accessories included into the Leader VS 775E sewing kit.