Continuously improve your skills with Leader, a manufacturer of household sewing machines and overlocks

Modern technologies have significantly expanded and modernized the functionality of household sewing machines and overlocks. And the company - the manufacturer of Leader from those who sets trends in this process. Light, reliable, user-friendly household sewing machine complete with overlock are in demand today by small businesses and any household. They can become basic in their self-sufficient development, expansion and renovation.

Brand Leader is recognized and demanded all over the world

Under the guidance of high-class specialists, sewing machines are produced at a production facility with a reliable reputation in the world, which introduce innovations into their technological chains. The quality of brand development is reliably controlled. From the moment of the creation the company has concentrated on manufacture and sale of sewing and edge bandaging machines for home and small business. The broadest geography of Leader production facilities includes factories in Russia, Asia, the CIS, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. 

The maximum demand for Leader's products is evidence of its popularity. The company gladly holds seminars and master classes to train its customers and receives feedback from its customers. Annually the line of models of sewing machines and overlooks of the brand is replenished with novelties with implemented advanced engineering solutions and extended functionality. Since 2011 Leader has been actively using digital technologies, launched and actively promoting the company's website.

Overlock production at the Leader plant in Taiwan was launched in 2014. For the first time in the world, the company launched production of 3-4 threaded edge banding machines. Leader's gold quality standard is characterized by more than two dozen sewing operations and a reliable vertical type of shuttle. The model range of sewing and edge binder machines is regularly replenished and updated.

The success of Leader company is based on the guaranteed quality of its products

Technologicality, the widest assortment of sewing and edge bandaging machines, timely modernization of models. Their reliability, conformity of price and quality - these are the main characteristics of the brand Leader! The purchase is supported by a one-year warranty on the sewing machine from the manufacturer. Well thought-out equipment, additional sets of legs, needles, spools, tools necessary for the operation of the machines - all contribute to the creation of trusting relationships with users. Becoming a consumer of products once Leader you will use her services over and over again.