From the previous times to nowadays
Indomitable movement forward 

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          XIX century

Leader Sewing Machine Company

First sewing machines of Leader brand name were created in the USA in 1870. They were produced at the factories in Cleveland, Ohio and St. Louis, Montana till the very end of XIX century. Mr. Grace Rogers Cooper (November 22, 1924 – November 25, 2004), as a well-known researcher of sewing machines history and an expert on textile, and a Smithsonian Institution curator noted in his famous book ‘The Invention of the Sewing Machine’. Washington, D.C: Smithsonian Institution, 1968. Second edition 1976.

          XX century

A.G. Mason Sewing Machine Company

In XX century the production of Leader sewing machines went on. Those times A.G. Mason Sewing Machine Company became a new manufacturer of Leader sewing machines in Ohio, the USA. Mr. Mason, as the owner of the company, purchased a Florence Sewing Machine Company in the late 70s of the XIX century to go on producing sewing machines till 1916.  ‘The encyclopedia of antique sewing machines: A reference manual for the history, identification, maintenance, and use of antique and vintage model sewing machines’ (1999) by Charles Law gives us such an information.

          XXI century


The latest history of the Leader trademark is connected with a British investment company ‘European Solutions & Business Co. Ltd.’ A production of Leader sewing machines launched at a Taiwanese Kuanpo company production area in China in 2011. Both Leader sewing machines assortment and a number of production areas have been increased during the following decades. Nowadays Leader sewing machines and overlocker are being produced at the biggest sewing machines manufacturers capacities in Vietnam, China and Taiwan. 

The variety of Leader sewing machines and overlockers attracts customers attention by a wide range and different advantages. It’s possible to find mechanical types of sewing machines both with vertical and horizontal shuttle hooks and computerized models for newcomers and professionals appreciating their advantages and comfort.  The high class of Leader machines is professional automatic one-head embroidery machines with 9 or 12 or 15 needles. High sewing speed and precise embroidery positioning with the help of laser attachment are provided within the working process. 

To test and check the advantages of Leader machines and overlockers please join us to make a test drive at any retail shop providing and selling Leader assortment. 

Hope to see you soon! And enjoy the sewing with Leader machines!