The Leader VS 330D is an easy to use overlock model, mainly for domestic use. The process of preparing it for operation is simplified as much as possible thanks to the automatic filling of the lower loop. Overlock will perform 3-4 thread weaving. It has a total of 7 types of seams with a speed of up to 1200 stitches per minute. This is a narrow and wide overlock seams, as well as roller and undercutting.

Powerful motor, LED illumination of sewing plane, overlock knives made of calendar metal, everything is ground for long-term operation when working with complex fabrics: from dense jeans to elastic knitwear and thin lace. The model is equipped with a set of needles, nets for caps, screwdrivers, lubricator, brushes for cleaning. Warranty service for 2 years. Leader VS 330D will be your reliable assistant in everyday life and in small sewing production.


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Machine name Leader VS 330D overlocker
KOD 00064752281
Dust cover mild
Light incandescent lamp
Presser foot adjustment knob Yes
Number of threads 3/4
Differential feed 0,5-2,25
Number of seams 6
Width seam adjustment Yes
Cutting width Yes
Roller seam Yes
Seam width, mm 4
Flatlock width, mm 7
Retractable upper knife Yes
Handle for carrying Yes
Max. sewing speed, spm 1200
Variety of stitches 4-thread seam (elastic) seam; 3-хниточный шов; 3-thread overlock stitch wide; 3-thread overlock stitch narrow; 3-thread flat stitch (FlatLock); 3-хниточный плоский шов узкий; 3-thread roller stitch; 3-thread hem
Power, W 120
Voltage, V 220
Warranty 2 год
Manufacturer United Kingdom