Leader VS 350D overlocker is an actual model of household overlock. Its preparation for work is simplified as much as possible thanks to the function of universal filling and automatic filling of the lower loop. The process is easy to handle for both a beginner and a professional. Powerful 120W motor, differential feed function allows you to work with both dense and stretchy materials: knitwear, rubber band, lace.

Overlock performs 2, 3, 4-wire, 4-wire weave and role-joint, in all, its functionality 14 types of different seams: overlock, elastic, roller, slitting with a sewing speed of up to 1200 stitches per minute. The complete set of model is thought over to trifles: a set of needles, grids and caps for coils, lubricator, screwdriver, case. Work with such assistant is productive and creatively charged.


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Machine name Leader VS 350D overlocker
Dust cover Soft included
Light Light bulb
Presser foot adjustment knob Yes
Free arm Yes
Number of threads 2/3/4
Differential feed 0,8-2,0
Disengage upper knife Yes
Lower looper autothreading Yes
Number of seams 13
Width seam adjustment Yes
Cutting width Yes
Roller seam Yes
Dust tray Yes
Seam width, mm 7
Retractable upper knife Yes
Safety device with open covers Yes
Handle for carrying Yes
Max. sewing speed, spm 1200
Accessories included Needles; Instruction manual; Spool pin cap ; Machine oil; Screwdriver; Tweezers; Dust cover (soft); Allen key; Soft brush
Variety of stitches 4-thread overlock hem; 3-thread stretch overlock hem; 3-thread wide overlock hem; 3-thread narrow overlock hem; 3-thread wide flat hem; 3-thread narrow flat hem; 3-thread roller hem; 3-thread overcasting hem; 2-thread narrow overlock hem; 2-thread wide overlock hem; 2-thread roller hem; 2-thread overcasting hem; 2-thread narrow flat hem; 2-thread wide flat hem
Power, W 120
Voltage, V 220
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer United Kingdom
Origin Taiwan (China)