Leader VS390D is a special machine for those who is in modern trends and tendencies. A wide variety of 22 different hems including cover hems will lead you to the real pleasure of sewing. Two-thread roller hem or five-thread cover hem will be arranged perfectly and flawlessly.

Foot pressure adjustment and differential feed will help you to achieve much better results than you ever had before. The high speed as 1,100 spm will impress as well. Everything you need to start sewing is in the box. Except your threads of favorite colors, of course. Contact your dealer to test and fall in love with the machine as soon as possible.


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Machine name Leader VS 390D overlocker with cover hem
Number of threads 2/3/4/5
Differential feed 0,8-2,0
Disengage upper knife Yes
Lower looper autothreading Yes
Number of seams 20
Cutting width Yes
Dust tray Yes
Seam width, mm 7
Flatlock width, mm 5.5
Retractable upper knife Yes
Safety device with open covers Yes
Max. sewing speed, spm 1000
Accessories included Machine oil; Screwdriver; Nets; Tweezers; Allen key; Needle threader; Soft brush; Additional upper knife; Instruction manual
Variety of stitches 5-thread overcasting narrow hem; 5-thread overcasting wide hem; 4-thread overlock hem; 4-thread overcasting narrow hem; 4-thread overcasting wide hem; 3-thread stretch overlock hem; 3-thread wide overlock hem; 3-thread narrow overlock hem; 3-thread wide flat hem; 3-thread narrow flat hem; 3-thread roller hem; 3-thread overcasting hem; 3-thread cover hem; 2-thread narrow overlock hem; 2-thread wide overlock hem; 2-thread roller hem; 2-thread overcasting hem; 2-thread narrow flat hem; 2-thread wide flat hem; 2-thread cover narrow hem; 2-thread cover wide hem; Chain stitch
Power, W 120
Voltage, V 220
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer United Kingdom
Origin Taiwan (China)