The Leader VS 390D overlocker with cover hem is a modern, versatile device that combines the capabilities of both an overlock and an opener. The sewing speed reaches 1100 stitches per minute. The functionality of the model includes 22 types of stitches, including 2-3-4-5-ti threads. The carpet weaver is equipped with a mechanism of refueling and a system of fine adjustment of thread tension.

The foot pressure on the fabric, the stitch length and width change smoothly, there is also a differential feed of material. Convenient LED backlighting of the sewing plane. Motor power of 120 W. In the complete set a set of needles, a needle threader, screwdrivers, a lubricator, a brush for cleaning, a protective cover. Become a user of the most modern multifunctional sewing device!


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Machine name Leader VS 390D overlocker with cover hem
Number of threads 2/3/4/5
Differential feed 0,8-2,0
Disengage upper knife Yes
Lower looper autothreading Yes
Number of seams 20
Cutting width Yes
Dust tray Yes
Seam width, mm 7
Flatlock width, mm 5.5
Retractable upper knife Yes
Safety device with open covers Yes
Max. sewing speed, spm 1000
Accessories included Machine oil; Screwdriver; Nets; Tweezers; Allen key; Needle threader; Soft brush; Additional upper knife; Instruction manual
Variety of stitches 5-thread overcasting narrow hem; 5-thread overcasting wide hem; 4-thread overlock hem; 4-thread overcasting narrow hem; 4-thread overcasting wide hem; 3-thread stretch overlock hem; 3-thread wide overlock hem; 3-thread narrow overlock hem; 3-thread wide flat hem; 3-thread narrow flat hem; 3-thread roller hem; 3-thread overcasting hem; 3-thread cover hem; 2-thread narrow overlock hem; 2-thread wide overlock hem; 2-thread roller hem; 2-thread overcasting hem; 2-thread narrow flat hem; 2-thread wide flat hem; 2-thread cover narrow hem; 2-thread cover wide hem; Chain stitch
Power, W 120
Voltage, V 220
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer United Kingdom
Origin Taiwan (China)