Leader StreetArt — 105 a clear advantage of this simple and reliable electromechanical sewing machine is a wide range of 29 sewing operations. The user can choose from simple repair and fitting tasks as well as sophisticated tailoring of the most advanced and unconventional garments.

The type of shuttle in the machine is a classic vertical, semi-automatic loop, reverse, additional sleeve platform. Pressure legs on the fabric, sewing speed is infinitely adjustable. In the complete set some additional legs: for lightnings, quilting, sewing buttons. Easy to learn and use model for both beginner and professional.


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Machine name Leader StreetArt 105 sewing machine
KOD 00064754793
Dust cover mild
Light LED
Presser foot adjustment knob Yes
Free arm Yes
Shuttle hook system vertical
Number of stitch patterns 29
Buttonhole semi-automatic (in 4 steps)
Foot controller Yes
Stitch length adjustment Smooth
Stitch width adjustment Smooth
Bobbin winder Automatic
To disengage feed dog system Plate
Feed dog system, pieces 7
Number of Buttonhole 1
Accessories included Oiler; Needles; Screwdriver; Pedal; Parser; Cleaning brush; Cover (soft); Instructions in Russian; Color box
Presser feet included Zipper foot; Quilting guide; Button foot; Universal foot; Overlock foot
Power, W 70
Voltage, V 220
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer United Kingdom
Origin Vietnam