Leader VS 400D Cover Stitch is a universal machine, used as a 2, 3, 4 thread overlock and flat sewing machine. Perform several types of wide or narrow flat stitches, as well as varieties of twin strand chain stitches. It is in demand in modern sewing manufacture for processing of the finest silk, linen, complex knitted fabrics.

The presence of chain stitch will provide the user with finishing both lace and various types of edging, ribbons, including rubber bands. The model is equipped with the possibility of differential feeding of laths. Speed of sewing reaches 1000 stitches per minute. Has the big surface of sewing. Smoothly changing the pressure of the presser foot can easily cope with different densities of fabrics. Such machine will considerably expand your possibilities in the modern world of sewing!


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Machine name Leader VS 400D cover stitch coverhem machine
KOD 00064753826
Light LED
Number of threads 2/3/4
Number of seams 7
Flatlock width, mm 5.5
Max. sewing speed, spm 1000
Accessories included Instructions in Russian; Needle threader; Lubricating oil; Tweezers; Cleaning brush; Hex wrench
Variety of stitches 3-х ниточный распошивальный шов; 2-хниточный распошивоальный узкий правый шов; 2-хниточный распошивальнный узкий левый шов; 2-х ниточный распошивальный широкий шов; 2-хнитоный цепной стежок
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer United Kingdom