Leader Black Diamond

  • 200 stitch operations, 8 one-step BH, English font
  • Horizontal rotary type hook
  • Back light LCD display
  • Start/Stop button, Speed control, Reverse, Needle Up/Down position, Twin needle function, Alphabet stitches
  • Stitch width up to 7 mm
  • Auto needle threader
  • Extension table
2-years warranty period

Leader Black Diamond is a modern computerized sewing machine with lots of advantages. A unique design and a variety of useful stitches and functions will lead you to a world of fantasy and dreams that will come true. There’s a wide extension table included in a standard kit. With the help of quilting stitches it’s possible to stich a nice and attractive blanket as a gift, for instance.

200 stitches , a horizontal hook, auto needle threader, a Needle Up/Down position button, a Start/Stop button and a 7-segments feed dog will allow to work with different kinds of fabrics including complicated ones. Accurate automatic buttonholers and decorative stitches will make your clothes glamour and unique. Leader Black Diamond runs with no noise at all. LED light makes the working area bright and comfortable for eyes.

Enjoy the creativity with your new Leader Black Diamond for a long time!


200 stitches Utility, Satin, Decorative, Quilting and applique, Alphabet
Auto BH 8 types
Adjustable Stitch Length Up to 5 mm
Adjustable Stitch Width Up to 7 mm
Hook Type Horizontal
Presser Foot Height Up to 12 mm
Feed dog 7 segments
Bright LED light
Start/Stop button to sew with no foot controller
Reverse/Bartack button
Needle Up/Down position button
Operation selection buttons
Stitch length buttons
Width Adjustment Buttons
Twin needle button
Letters selection button
Sewing Speed Control
Thread Cutter
Auto Needle Threader
Thread Tension Control
Sewing function button
Automatic darning function
Reinforced needle puncture
One-touch presser foot change
Free Arm
Accessories Storage
Auxiliary Extension Table
Machine power 45W
Origin Vietnam
G.W. 6,8 kg
N.W. 8,5 kg


for wholesalers


from a manufacturer for some models


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You’ll need 2 pieces of different colors cotton fabrics, a glue stabilizer, viscose and polyester threads and a Leader Black Diamond sewing machine.
With a help of a pattern it’s necessary to cut fabrics in pieces with 0.5 cm allowance for both sides.
It’s better to cut 5 pieces of each color.
Put a transparent presser foot and set a stitch width on 5.5. Sew the pieces of fabrics in turns not to mix them starting from the top as shown above. Use the needle positioning function.
Iron the seams to the side of a dark fabric and glue a stabilizer onto the fabrics.
There’s a big assortment of decorative and quilting stitches in Leader Black Diamond to choose from.
It’s possible to stitch with a twin needle. It’s included into the standard accessories kit.
Put the second thread spool onto the machine. Thread the twin needle with the threads symmetrically following the scheme.
Press the Twin needle button.
Cut the circle from the central part accurately.
Turn out the project to the right side. Sew a tape at the edge of the central circle. So, the decorative doily is ready. A big joy consists of small hints from Leader Black Diamond!
The advantage of Leader Black Diamond is a horizontal hook type. It’s easy to notice the rest of a bobbin thread. The machine runs calm and smoothly. There’re lines on a needle plate measuring the distance from the central needle position. 7 segments feed dog allows to sew different fabrics. It’s important to change needles corresponding fabrics.
A comfortable needle threader helps to thread a needle. Pay attention it’s not possible to use a needle threader with a twin needle. Otherwise it could be broken.
A free arm allows to work with difficult and small parts of projects. Among other features there’s a speed control lever, a Start/Stop button and a Needle position button.
A big variety of accessories included. A soft cover to keep the machine from dust.
With the help of a Zipper foot it’s easy to sew skirts and trousers.
To sew overcasting seams very precisely.
8 different BH and Auto lock button.
There’s a variety of applique stitches and a free motion presser foot included. To use a free motion presser foot it’s necessary to put a darning plate to close the feed dog.
Use Button presser foot and a darning plate to sew buttons.
Now all the buttons will be sewn and secured at places.
The model has a strong needle penetration. It could run up to 8 layers of jeans. The presser foot lever could lift presser feet up to 12 cm.
To work with big and bulky projects it’s convenient to use an extension table included. There’s a measuring line on the front panel of the machine. Leader Black Diamond will encourage you on new ideas and projects by sure!